Statement on Anti-Black Racism

Since 1972, PATH Employment Services has supported people with disabilities connect to meaningful employment in our community. The work we do arose from a time in history where people with disabilities were excluded from the labour market. Due to recent events, and like many others, we are turning toward another important time in our city, our province, our country and across the world.

At this time, we recognize the critical importance of expressing our solidarity with our Black community members, organizations, stakeholders, clients, businesses, and policy makers.

It is a time to share in their grief and their anger; it is a time to work toward the dismantling of oppressive systems that have been in place for decades; and it is time for us to make a commitment to action. At our organization, we recognize that it is our responsibility to ensure that the work we do must contribute to ending Anti-Black racism.

We know that this work cannot be done without critical self-reflection, education, and discussion. In 1972 we knew change was necessary, and today we know that it is necessary and imperative that we ensure that the work we do in the community is relevant to all people and is barrier-free for everyone.

PATH Employment Services’ staff, management, and Board of Directors are asserting our commitment to fighting Anti-Black racism in our community.

We will continue to seek to listen, to understand, and to find ways to improve the lives of those affected by social disparity and marginalization.

There is much work to do to dismantle the systemic and systematic oppression in our society and it is through these commitments to action that PATH Employment Services will do our part to help dismantle these systems of oppression and ensure that equal and equitable services are provided to all.